seeded-in-ubuntu(1) Determine whether a package is safe to upload


seeded-in-ubuntu [options] package...


Lists all the current daily images containing the specified packages. Or whether the package is part of the supported seed.

If it isn't on an image, it should be safe to upload. During the final freeze, one should avoid packages in the supported seed too.

An index of the current manifests is downloaded from UbuntuWire.


-b, --binary
The packages specified are binary packages. This is faster than source packages, as otherwise we must query LP to determine the binary packages that every specified source package builds.
-u URL, --data-url=URL
URL for index of seeded packages. Default: UbuntuWire's service at
-h, --help
Display a help message and exit


All the images that contain unity:
seeded-in-ubuntu -b unity


seeded-in-ubuntu and this manpage were written by Stefano Rivera <[email protected]>.

Both are released under the terms of the ISC License.