setstyle(1) set style related options for Window Maker or loads a theme


setstyle [options] stylefile|themepack


setstyle reads the file stylefile and writes its contents to the WMWindowMaker domain, effectively setting the Window Maker style. If the supplied path is a directory (themepack), it will be treated as a theme pack and it will be loaded appropriately.


print a help message with the list of options.
--ignore keyword
ignore the attribute named keyword from the style file. You can specify this option as many times as needed. You may find a non-exhaustive list of the keywords from the getstyle(1) man page.
ignore cursor definition options from the style file (NormalCursor, ArrowCursor, MoveCursor, ResizeCursor, TopLeftResizeCursor, TopRightResizeCursor, BottomLeftResizeCursor, BottomRightResizeCursor, VerticalResizeCursor, HorizontalResizeCursor, WaitCursor, QuestionCursor, TextCursor, SelectCursor).
ignore font related options from the style file (IconTitleFont, ClipTitleFont, MenuTextFont, MenuTitleFont, WindowTitleFont).
print the version of Window Maker from which the program comes.


specifies the initial path for the Defaults directory. "Defaults/" is appended to this variable to determine the actual location of the databases. If the variable is not set, it defaults to "~/GNUstep"


This is the actual file that's written.


This man page was written by Marcelo Magallon <[email protected]>.

Window Maker was written by Alfredo K. Kojima <[email protected]>.