shtool-prop(1) GNU shtool propeller processing indication


shtool prop [-p|--prefix str]


This command displays a processing indication though a running propeller. It is intended to be run at the end of a pipe (""|"") sequence where on "stdin" logging/processing information found. For every line on "stdin" the propeller advances one step clock-wise.


The following command line options are available.
-p, --prefix str
Set a particular prefix str which is displayed in front of the propeller. The default is no prefix string.


 #   shell script
 configure 2>&1 |\
     tee logfile |\
     shtool prop -p "Configuring sources"


The GNU shtool prop command was originally written by Ralf S. Engelschall <[email protected]> in 1998 for mod_ssl. It was later taken over into GNU shtool.