simpos(1) Find position of a named object in the sky


simpos [options] [object name]


simpos is a utility for finding the coordinates of any named object in the sky using the SIMBAD name resolver at either the CDS in Strasbourg or the ADS in Cambridge, MA. It can search SIMBAD, Vizier, and/or NED (NASA Extragalactic Database) in any order.


object name
Name of object for which to find coordinates.
File with one object name per line.
-b <RA> <Dec>
Output B1950 (FK4) coordinates instead of default J2000 (FK5)
Use the CDS server in Strasbourg, France rather than the default server at the Astrophysical Data System in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

 Output RA and Dec in degrees instead of hh:mm:ss dd:mm:ss
Output ecliptic coordinates
Output galactic coordinates
Print object ID(s) returned
Find coordinates using NED
Find coordinates using SIMBAD
Print output as tab-separated table
Verbose listing of results of search
Find coordinates in the Vizier catalogs

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Doug Mink, SAO ([email protected])