skytools_upgrade(1) utility for upgrading Skytools code in databases.

SYNOPSIS [switches] connstr [connstr ...]


It connects to given database, then looks for following schemas:


Main PgQ code.


PgQ batch/event tracking in remote database.


Londiste replication.

If schema exists, its version is detected by querying .version() function under schema. If the function does not exists, there is some heuristics built in to differentiate between 2.1.4 and 2.1.5 version of the schemas.

If detected that version is older than current, it is upgraded by applying upgrade scripts in order.


Following switches are common to all skytools.DBScript-based Python programs.

-h, --help

show help message and exit

-q, --quiet

make program silent

-v, --verbose

make program more verbose

-d, --daemon

make program go background


show commented template config file.

Following switches are used to control already running process. The pidfile is read from config then signal is sent to process id specified there.

-r, --reload

reload config (send SIGHUP)

-s, --stop

stop program safely (send SIGINT)

-k, --kill

kill program immidiately (send SIGTERM)

Options specific to skytools_upgrade:


Upgrade all databases.


Don't actually do anything.