slptool(1) SLP command line tool


/usr/bin/slpd [-v|--version] [-s|--scope scopes] [-l|--language languagetag] [command [arguments]]


slptool is a command line tool to make SLPv2 User Agent (UA) requests. It can be used for SLP lookup/advertisement in shell scripts or as a diagnostic tool.


displays version of slptool and OpenSLP.
-s|--scope scopes
scopes is a comma separated list of scopes applicable for the command.
[-l|--language languagetag
languagetag is the language tag to be used for the command.
findsrvs service-type [filter]
findattrs url [attrids]
findsrvtypes [authority]
register url [attrs]
deregister url
getproperty propertyname


slptool register service:myserv.x:// "(attr1=val1),(attr2=val2)"

slptool findsrvs service:myserv.x

slptool findsrvs service:myserv.x "(attr1=val1)"

slptool findattrs service:myserv.x://

slptool findattrs service:myserv.x:// attr1

slptool deregister service:myserv.x://

slptool getproperty net.slp.useScopes


This man page was written for the Debian project by Debian Developer Ganesan Rajagopal ([email protected]). You should refer to the online html documentation in the openslp-doc package for more complete and up-to-date information.


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