smbnetfs(1) User-space filesystem for SMB/NMB (Windows) network servers and shares


usage: smbnetfs mountpoint [options]

general options:

-o opt,[opt...]
mount options
-h --help
print help
-V --version
print version

SMBNetFS options:

-o config=PATH
path to config (~/.smb/smbnetfs.conf)
-o smbnetfs_debug=N
SMBNetFS debug level (N<=10)
-o smb_debug_level=N
Samba debug level (N<=10)
-o log_file=PATH
File to store SMBNetFS debug messages
-o local_charset=CHARSET
Local charset (autodetected)
-o samba_charset=CHARSET
Charset used by samba (utf-8)
-o use_gnome_keyring=BOOL
Enable/disable usage of gnome-keyring
-o gnome_keyring_timeout=T
auth retrieving timeout for gnome_keyring (500ms)
-o max_rw_block_size=N
Maximum size of r/w block in Kb (autodetected)
-o smb_tree_scan_period=T
Period of scanning samba network tree (300s)
-o smb_tree_elements_ttl=T
TTL of scanned elements in samba tree (900s)
-o smb_query_browsers=BOOL
Enable/disable scanning of samba tree (on)
-o smb_timeout=T
Samba reply timeout (20000ms))
-o show_$_shares=BOOL
Enable/disable showing of hidden shares (off)
-o show_hidden_hosts=BOOL
See in documentation (off)
-o free_space_size=N
Free space size in pages (0)
-o quiet_flag=BOOL
Do not fail on chown/chgroup (on)
-o neg_cache=BOOL
Enable/disable negative cache (on)
-o neg_cache_timeout=T
Negative cache records expiration time (3000ms)
-o stat_workaround_depth=N
konquerror and gnome terminal hack (3)
-o time_step=T
Scheduler sleep interval (10s)
-o config_update_period=T
Configuration update interval (300s)
-o max_ctx_count=N
Maximum number of childs (15)
-o max_retry_count=N
Number of retries before fail (2)
-o listen_timeout=T
Child process inactivity timeout (300s)
-o reply_timeout=T
Child process reply timeout (30s)
-o max_passwd_query_count=N
See in documentation (10)

FUSE options:

-d -o debug
enable debug output (implies -f)
foreground operation
disable multi-threaded operation
-o allow_other
allow access to other users
-o allow_root
allow access to root
-o auto_unmount
auto unmount on process termination
-o nonempty
allow mounts over non-empty file/dir
-o default_permissions
enable permission checking by kernel
-o fsname=NAME
set filesystem name
-o subtype=NAME
set filesystem type
-o large_read
issue large read requests (2.4 only)
-o max_read=N
set maximum size of read requests
-o hard_remove
immediate removal (don't hide files)
-o use_ino
let filesystem set inode numbers
-o readdir_ino
try to fill in d_ino in readdir
-o direct_io
use direct I/O
-o kernel_cache
cache files in kernel
-o [no]auto_cache
enable caching based on modification times (off)
-o umask=M
set file permissions (octal)
-o uid=N
set file owner
-o gid=N
set file group
-o entry_timeout=T
cache timeout for names (1.0s)
-o negative_timeout=T
cache timeout for deleted names (0.0s)
-o attr_timeout=T
cache timeout for attributes (1.0s)
-o ac_attr_timeout=T
auto cache timeout for attributes (attr_timeout)
-o noforget
never forget cached inodes
-o remember=T
remember cached inodes for T seconds (0s)
-o nopath
don't supply path if not necessary
-o intr
allow requests to be interrupted
-o intr_signal=NUM
signal to send on interrupt (10)
-o modules=M1[:M2...]
names of modules to push onto filesystem stack
-o max_write=N
set maximum size of write requests
-o max_readahead=N
set maximum readahead
-o max_background=N
set number of maximum background requests
-o congestion_threshold=N
set kernel's congestion threshold
-o async_read
perform reads asynchronously (default)
-o sync_read
perform reads synchronously
-o atomic_o_trunc
enable atomic open+truncate support
-o big_writes
enable larger than 4kB writes
-o no_remote_lock
disable remote file locking
-o no_remote_flock
disable remote file locking (BSD)
-o no_remote_posix_lock
disable remove file locking (POSIX)
-o [no_]splice_write
use splice to write to the fuse device
-o [no_]splice_move
move data while splicing to the fuse device
-o [no_]splice_read
use splice to read from the fuse device

Module options:


-o from_code=CHARSET
original encoding of file names (default: UTF-8)
-o to_code=CHARSET
new encoding of the file names (default: UTF-8)


-o subdir=DIR
prepend this directory to all paths (mandatory)
-o [no]rellinks
transform absolute symlinks to relative


Please create configuration directory ~/.smb. This directory should contain at least two files: smb.conf and smbnetfs.conf. You may copy smb.conf from the /etc/samba directory. You can find a sample of smbnetfs.conf in the /etc directory.


This manual page was written by Varun Hiremath <[email protected]> and lately updated by Mikhail Kshevetskiy <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).