smuxi-server(1) remote engine for Smuxi chat client


smuxi-server [-dh ] [--add-user ] [--modify-user ] [--delete-user ] [--list-users ] [--username = username ] [--password = password ] [--optimize-message-buffers = action ]


smuxi-server is a remote engine for the Smuxi chat client. Multiple Smuxi frontends can connect and be kept in sync, and when none are connected, keeps track and stays connected to servers.

Some options are mutually exclusive. When no special options are taken, the server will start normally. The options are as follows:

-d , --debug
Turn on debugging. Debug logs are sent to $XDG_DATA_HOME/smuxi/smuxi-server.log , and older logs are moved to the date of usage.
-h , --help
Show the arguments Smuxi takes.
Show version information.
Adds a user to the server.
Deletes a user from the server.
Changes a user's properties.
Lists the users of the server.
--username = username
When adding, deleting, or modifying a user, use that username.
--password = password
When adding or modifying a user, use that password.
--optimize-message-buffers = action
Optimizes the message buffers. Valid values are none, defrag, index, and all.


smuxi debug log
smuxi engine config


Smuxi will handle and catch these signals:

Gracefully exits the server.
Gracefully exits the server.


Smuxi, including this server, was written by Mirco Bauer.

This manpage was written by Calvin Buckley.