SNMP::Info::Layer3::Aironet(3) Perl5 Interface to Cisco Aironet Wireless


Max Baker


# Let SNMP::Info determine the correct subclass for you.
my $aironet = new SNMP::Info(
AutoSpecify => 1,
Debug => 1,
DestHost => 'myswitch',
Community => 'public',
Version => 2
or die "Can't connect to DestHost.\n";
my $class = $aironet->class();
print "SNMP::Info determined this device to fall under subclass : $class\n";


SNMP::Info subclass to provide access to SNMP data for an Aironet device running Aironet software, not cisco IOS.

Note there are two classes for Aironet devices :

This class is for devices running Aironet software (older)
This class is for devices running Cisco IOS software (newer)

For speed or debugging purposes you can call the subclass directly, but not after determining a more specific class using the method above.

 my $aironet = new SNMP::Info::Layer3::Aironet(...);

Inherited Classes


Required MIBs


These MIBs are now included in the v2.tar.gz archive available from Make sure you have a current version.


These are methods that return scalar value from SNMP
Gives the admin duplex setting for the Ethernet Port.


Gives the MAC Address of the wireless side


Tries to cull the version from the description field.
Returns 'cisco'.

Globals imported from SNMP::Info::Layer3

See documentation in ``GLOBALS'' in SNMP::Info::Layer3 for details.


These are methods that return tables of information in the form of a reference to a hash.


Takes the bp_index() value from SNMP::Info::Bridge and overrides the wireless port to be assigned to the transparent bridge port (port 0)
Adds static table entries from bs_mac() to port 0 so that wireless MAC addresses will be reported. Forwarding table entries for port 0 are removed.
Adds the static table port mappings to the forwarding table port mappings by adding bs_port() to fw_port()
Adds the value of awc_duplex() to each Ethernet port seen.
Overrides the values for i_mac with the value from awc_mac() if they are set.
Ignores ports that are of type ``rptr'' and ``lo''.

Aironet specific items

Gives the default MAC address of each interface.


Gives the actual MAC address of each interface.


Gives the IP Address assigned to each interface.


Gives the NetMask for each interface.



Table Methods imported from SNMP::Info::Layer3

See documentation in ``TABLE METHODS'' in SNMP::Info::Layer3 for details.