SoGLDisplayList(3) The SoGLDisplayList class stores and manages OpenGL display lists.


#include <Inventor/elements/SoGLCacheContextElement.h>

Public Types


Public Member Functions

SoGLDisplayList (SoState *state, Type type, int allocnum=1, SbBool mipmaptexobj=FALSE)

void ref (void)

void unref (SoState *state=NULL)

void open (SoState *state, int index=0)

void close (SoState *state)

void call (SoState *state, int index=0)

void addDependency (SoState *state)

SbBool isMipMapTextureObject (void) const

Type getType (void) const

int getNumAllocated (void) const

unsigned int getFirstIndex (void) const

int getContext (void) const

void setTextureTarget (int target)

int getTextureTarget (void) const

Detailed Description

The SoGLDisplayList class stores and manages OpenGL display lists.

The TEXTURE_OBJECT type is not directly supported in Coin. We handle textures differently in a more flexible class called SoGLImage, which also stores some information about the texture used when rendering. Old code which use this element should not stop working though. The texture object extension will just not be used, and the texture will be stored in a display list instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoGLDisplayList::SoGLDisplayList (SoState *state, Typetype, intallocnum = 1, SbBoolmipmaptexobj = FALSE)


Member Function Documentation

void SoGLDisplayList::ref (void)

Increase reference count for this display list/texture object.

void SoGLDisplayList::unref (SoState *state = NULL)

Decrease reference count for this instance. When reference count reaches 0, the instence is deleted.

void SoGLDisplayList::open (SoState *state, intindex = 0)

Open this display list/texture object.

void SoGLDisplayList::close (SoState *state)

Close this display list/texture object.

void SoGLDisplayList::call (SoState *state, intindex = 0)

Execute this display list/texture object.

void SoGLDisplayList::addDependency (SoState *state)

Create a dependency on the display list.

SbBool SoGLDisplayList::isMipMapTextureObject (void) const

Returns whether the texture object stored in this instance was created with mipmap data. This method is an extension versus the Open Inventor API.

SoGLDisplayList::Type SoGLDisplayList::getType (void) const

Return type. Display list or texture object.

int SoGLDisplayList::getNumAllocated (void) const

Return number of display lists/texture objects allocated.

unsigned int SoGLDisplayList::getFirstIndex (void) const

Return first GL index for this display list.

int SoGLDisplayList::getContext (void) const

Return an id for the current context.

void SoGLDisplayList::setTextureTarget (inttarget)

Sets the texture object target


Coin 2.5

int SoGLDisplayList::getTextureTarget (void) const

Returns the texture target


Coin 2.5


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