SoGLLazyElement(3) The SoGLLazyElement class is meant to optimize GL rendering.


#include <Inventor/elements/SoGLLazyElement.h>

Inherits SoLazyElement.

Public Member Functions

virtual void init (SoState *state)

virtual void push (SoState *state)

virtual void pop (SoState *state, const SoElement *prevtopelement)

void sendDiffuseByIndex (const int index) const
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void send (const SoState *state, uint32_t mask) const
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void sendVPPacked (SoState *state, const unsigned char *pcolor)
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void reset (SoState *state, uint32_t bitmask) const

virtual void setDiffuseElt (SoNode *, int32_t numcolors, const SbColor *colors, SoColorPacker *packer)

virtual void setPackedElt (SoNode *node, int32_t numcolors, const uint32_t *colors, const SbBool packedtransparency)

virtual void setColorIndexElt (SoNode *node, int32_t numindices, const int32_t *indices)

virtual void setTranspElt (SoNode *node, int32_t numtransp, const float *transp, SoColorPacker *packer)

virtual void setTranspTypeElt (int32_t type)

virtual void setAmbientElt (const SbColor *color)

virtual void setEmissiveElt (const SbColor *color)

virtual void setSpecularElt (const SbColor *color)

virtual void setShininessElt (float value)

virtual void setColorMaterialElt (SbBool value)

virtual void enableBlendingElt (int sfactor, int dfactor, int alpha_sfactor, int alpha_dfactor)

virtual void disableBlendingElt (void)

virtual void setLightModelElt (SoState *state, int32_t model)

virtual void setMaterialElt (SoNode *node, uint32_t bitmask, SoColorPacker *packer, const SbColor *diffuse, const int numdiffuse, const float *transp, const int numtransp, const SbColor &ambient, const SbColor &emissive, const SbColor &specular, const float shininess, const SbBool istransparent)

virtual void setVertexOrderingElt (VertexOrdering ordering)

virtual void setBackfaceCullingElt (SbBool onoff)

virtual void setTwosideLightingElt (SbBool onoff)

virtual void setShadeModelElt (SbBool flatshading)

virtual void setGLImageIdElt (uint32_t glimageid, SbBool alphatest)

virtual void setAlphaTestElt (SbBool onoff)

void updateColorVBO (SoVBO *vbo)

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId (void)

static int getClassStackIndex (void)

static void * createInstance (void)

static void initClass ()

static void sendAllMaterial (SoState *state)
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static void sendNoMaterial (SoState *state)
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static void sendOnlyDiffuseColor (SoState *state)
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static void sendLightModel (SoState *state, const int32_t model)

static void sendPackedDiffuse (SoState *state, const uint32_t diffuse)

static void sendFlatshading (SoState *state, const SbBool onoff)

static void sendVertexOrdering (SoState *state, const VertexOrdering ordering)

static void sendTwosideLighting (SoState *state, const SbBool onoff)

static void sendBackfaceCulling (SoState *state, const SbBool onoff)

static SbBool isColorIndex (SoState *state)
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static SoGLLazyElement * getInstance (const SoState *state)
FIXME: write doc.
static void beginCaching (SoState *state, SoGLLazyElement::GLState *prestate, SoGLLazyElement::GLState *poststate)

static void endCaching (SoState *state)

static SbBool preCacheCall (SoState *state, SoGLLazyElement::GLState *prestate)

static void postCacheCall (SoState *state, SoGLLazyElement::GLState *poststate)

static void mergeCacheInfo (SoState *state, SoGLLazyElement::GLState *childprestate, SoGLLazyElement::GLState *childpoststate)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void lazyDidSet (uint32_t mask)

virtual void lazyDidntSet (uint32_t mask)

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The SoGLLazyElement class is meant to optimize GL rendering.

This is just a wrap-around implementation for compatibility. It should (hopefully) work in the same way as the Inventor class though.

Member Function Documentation

SoType SoGLLazyElement::getClassTypeId (void) [static]

This static method returns the class type.

Reimplemented from SoLazyElement.

int SoGLLazyElement::getClassStackIndex (void) [static]

This static method returns the state stack index for the class.

Reimplemented from SoLazyElement.

void * SoGLLazyElement::createInstance (void) [static]

This API member is considered internal to the library, as it is not likely to be of interest to the application programmer.

Reimplemented from SoLazyElement.

void SoGLLazyElement::initClass (void) [static]

This static method initializes static data for the SoDiffuseColorElement class.

Reimplemented from SoLazyElement.

void SoGLLazyElement::init (SoState *state) [virtual]

This function initializes the element type in the given SoState. It is called for the first element of each enabled element type in SoState objects.

Reimplemented from SoLazyElement.

void SoGLLazyElement::push (SoState *state) [virtual]

This method is called every time a new element is required in one of the stacks. This happens when a writable element is requested, using SoState::getElement() or indirectly SoElement::getElement(), and the depth of the current element is less than the state depth.

Override this method if your element needs to copy data from the previous top of stack. The push() method is called on the new element, and the previous element can be found using SoElement::getNextInStack().

Reimplemented from SoLazyElement.

void SoGLLazyElement::pop (SoState *state, const SoElement *prevTopElement) [virtual]

This method is callled when the state is popped, and the depth of the element is bigger than the current state depth. pop() is called on the new top of stack, and a pointer to the previous top of stack is passed in prevTopElement.

Override this method if you need to copy some state information from the previous top of stack.

Reimplemented from SoElement.

void SoGLLazyElement::reset (SoState *stateptr, uint32_tmask) const

Reset element GL state (set state to invalid). Use this method to notify this element when you use your own GL code that changes the OpenGL state.

void SoGLLazyElement::mergeCacheInfo (SoState *state, SoGLLazyElement::GLState *childprestate, SoGLLazyElement::GLState *childpoststate) [static]

Merge cache info from a child cache (when doing nested caching) into the current cache.


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