somnec(1) Compute Sommerfield-Norton Ground Grids




somnec is a program to generates grids used by the NEC2 program for the Sommerfeld-Norton approximation to realistic grounds. It allows interactive user input of relative dielectric constant, ground conductivity, and frequency in MHz. The output for use by nec2 is written out as binary unformatted file. The program .B nec2 reads this in, if the Sommerfield Norton Ground is specified in the nec2 input cards by the presence of a suitable suitable Ground Parameters Card i.e. a GN card with IPERF set to 2 (coluns 3-5). Hence the user is also prompted for a file name, and the grid arrays are written to the file.


Due to the age of the program, it expects its input to be in the form of punched cards fed into a hopper. It doesn't currently take any options, instead the name of the input and output files must be entered once the program has been run.


This program was keyed in by hand from a printed listing. Thus it is possible that some extra bugs have been introduced. Unformatted binary files are often a fortran minefield, particuarly if transported between systems.


This manual page was written by <[email protected]>. The original program was developed by G. J. Burke and A. J. Poggio of Laurence Livermore Laboratory.