SoReadError(3) The SoReadError class is used during model import operations.


#include <Inventor/errors/SoReadError.h>

Inherits SoError.

Public Member Functions

virtual SoType getTypeId (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void setHandlerCallback (SoErrorCB *const function, void *const data)

static SoErrorCB * getHandlerCallback (void)

static void * getHandlerData (void)

static SoType getClassTypeId (void)

static void post (const SoInput *const input, const char *const format,...)

static void initClass (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual SoErrorCBPtr getHandler (void *&data) const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The SoReadError class is used during model import operations.

During model file import, this class will be used to output any error or warning messages.

Depending on your application, setting up your own error handler callbacks for SoReadError might be a good idea.

Member Function Documentation

void SoReadError::setHandlerCallback (SoErrorCB *constfunction, void *constdata) [static]

This method sets the error handler callback for messages posted via this class.

Note that this will not override the error/debug message handler for subclasses, these will have to be overrided by calling the subclass' setHandlerCallback() method.

See also:


Reimplemented from SoError.

SoErrorCB * SoReadError::getHandlerCallback (void) [static]

Returns the error handler callback for messages posted via this class.

Reimplemented from SoError.

void * SoReadError::getHandlerData (void) [static]

This method returns the pointer used for passing data back to the callback handler method.

Reimplemented from SoError.

SoType SoReadError::getClassTypeId (void) [static]

This static method returns the SoType for this class.

See also:


Reimplemented from SoError.

SoType SoReadError::getTypeId (void) const [virtual]

This method returns the SoType of a particular object instance.

See also:


Reimplemented from SoError.

void SoReadError::post (const SoInput *constin, const char *constformat, ...) [static]

Method used from import code to post error or warning messages for model files which are not 100% compliant to the format specification.

The messages will be wrapped within information on line number, file offset etc.

void SoReadError::initClass (void) [static]

This method takes care of initializing all static data for the class.

Reimplemented from SoError.

SoErrorCB * SoReadError::getHandler (void *&data) const [protected], [virtual]

This is just a convenience wrapper around the getHandlerCallback() and getHandlerData() methods.

Reimplemented from SoError.


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