speedtest-cli(1) Test your bandwidth througput using speedtest.net


speedtest-cli [OPTION]...


Speedtest.net is a web service for testing your broadband connection by downloading a file from a nearby speedtest.net server on the web. This tool allows you to access the service from the command line.

Speedtest mini is a version of the Speedtest.net server that you can host locally.


Usage: speedtest-cli [OPTION...]

Help Options

-h, --help

Displays usage for the tool.



Display values in bytes instead of bits. Does not affect the image generated by --share


Generate and provide a URL to the speedtest.net share results image


Suppress verbose output, only show basic information


Display a list of speedtest.net servers sorted by distance

--server SERVER

Specify a server ID to test against

--mini MINI

URL of the Speedtest Mini server

--source SOURCE

Source IP address to bind to


Show the version number and exit


Automatically find closest server and start testing


Specify testing against server 1491

speedtest-cli --server 1491

Testing against Speedtest Mini

speedtest-cli --mini


Please file issues on the Github bug tracker: https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli


This manual page was written by Jonathan Carter <[email protected]> Speedtest-cli was written by Matt Martz <[email protected]>