sphinx_lm_eval(1) Evaluate perplexity of a transcription


sphinx_lm_eval [ options ]...


This program evaluates the perplexity of a text file according to a given language model. The text file is assumed to be in transcript format, i.e. one utterance per line, delimited by <s> and </s>.

Shows the usage of the tool
model file
file listing a set of language models
of language model in -lmctlfn to use for all utterances
Base in which all log-likelihoods calculated
file to evaluate
Language model weight
Use memory-mapped I/O for reading binary LM files
definition file for classes in LM
string to evaluate     
Unigram probability weight (interpolated with uniform distribution)
Print details of perplexity calculation
Word insertion probability


David Huggins-Daines <[email protected]>


Copyright © 2007-2008 Carnegie Mellon University. See the file COPYING included with this package for more information.