SQL::Statement::TermFactory(3) Factory for SQL::Statement::Term instances


my $termFactory = SQL::Statement::TermFactory->new($stmt);
my $whereTerms = $termFactory->buildCondition( $stmt->{where_clause} );
my $col = $termFactory->buildCondition( $stmt->{col_obj}->{$name}->{content} );


This package implements a factory to create type and operation based terms. Those terms are used to access data from the table(s) - either when evaluating the where clause or returning column data.

The concept of a factory can be studied in Design Patterns by the Gang of Four. The concept of using polymorphism instead of conditions is suggested by Martin Fowler in his book Refactoring.



Builds a condition object from a given (part of a) where clause. This method calls itself recursively for predicates.


Copyright (c) 2001,2005 by Jeff Zucker: jzuckerATcpan.org Copyright (c) 2009-2016 by Jens Rehsack: rehsackATcpan.org

All rights reserved.

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