SQL::Translator::Producer::DiaUml(3)     Produces dia UML diagrams from schema.


use SQL::Translator;
my $translator = SQL::Translator->new(
from => 'MySQL',
filename => 'foo_schema.sql',
to => 'DiaUml',
print $translator->translate;


Currently you will get one class (with the a table stereotype) generated per table in the schema. The fields are added as attributes of the classes and their datatypes set. It doesn't currently set any of the relationships. It doesn't do any layout, all the classes are in one big stack. However it is still useful as you can use the layout tools in Dia to automatically arrange them horizontally or vertically.

Producer Args


Mark Addison <[email protected]>.


* Add the foreign keys from the schema as UML relations.

* Layout the classes.