srmbootfat(1) Linux/Alpha SRM boot block composer


srmbootfat filesystem_image boot_file


This tool is a quick hack and is not supposed to exist in its present state for long.

Srmbootfat finds boot_file in the root directory of the FAT file system stored in file filesystem_image and makes it bootable by writing the appropriate SRM boot block into the file system image file. This will work only on unpartitioned disks (such as floppies), because otherwise the boot block would need to be written into the partition table, which is outside the file system. However, a hard drive containing a FAT file system would most probably be partitioned using the PC partition table, which SRM cannot boot from anyway.

The bootloader (boot_file) must be contiguous, i.e. occupy consecutive blocks.


The name of the file containing a FAT file system image, e.g. /dev/fd0.
The file name of the bootloader.


Nikita Schmidt <[email protected]>