SSR(1) SoundScape Renderer (vector-based amplitude panning)


ssr-vbap [,OPTIONS/] ,<scene-file>/


The SoundScape Renderer (SSR) is a tool for real-time spatial audio reproduction providing a variety of rendering algorithms.


Renderer-specific options:

Load HRIRs for binaural renderer from FILE
Truncate HRIRs to length N
Load WFS prefilter from FILE
-o, --ambisonics-order=,VALUE/
Ambisonics order to use for AAP (default: maximum)
Use in-phase rendering for AAP renderer

JACK options:

-n, --name=,NAME/
Set JACK client name to NAME
Input port prefix (default: "system:capture_")
Output port prefix (default: "system:playback_")
-f, --freewheel
Use JACK in freewheeling mode

General options:

-c, --config=,FILE/
Read configuration from FILE
-s, --setup=,FILE/
Load reproduction setup from FILE
Number of audio threads (default: auto)
-r, --record=,FILE/
Record the audio output of the renderer to FILE
Loop all audio files
Correction of the master volume in dB (default: 0 dB)
-i, --ip-server[=,PORT/]
Start IP server (default on), a port number can be specified (default 4711)
-I, --no-ip-server
Don't start IP server
-g, --gui
Start GUI (default)
-G, --no-gui
Don't start GUI
-t, --tracker=,TYPE/
Select head tracker, possible value(s): polhemus razor
Port name/number of head tracker, e.g. ,/dev/ttyS1/
-T, --no-tracker
Don't use a head tracker (default)
-h, --help
Show help and exit
-v, --verbose
Increase verbosity level (up to -vvv)
-V, --version
Show version information and exit


Written by:

Matthias Geier, Jens Ahrens

Scientific supervision:

Sascha Spors

Contributions by:

Peter Bartz, Florian Hinterleitner, Torben Hohn, Lukas Kaser, Andr?? M??hl, Till Rettberg, Fiete Winter

GUI design:

Katharina Bredies, Jonas Loh, Jens Ahrens

Logo design:

Fabian Hemmert


Report bugs to: <[email protected]>
SSR home page: <>


Copyright ?? 2014 Institut f??r Nachrichtentechnik, Universit??t Rostock
Copyright ?? 2012 Quality & Usability Lab, Telekom Innovation Labs, TU Berlin

License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.