statnews(1) generate some useful statistics out of a newsgroup




The statnews command get some useful statistics out of a newsgroup. It displays things like how many articles each author posted, how many characters was written, how many lines were quoted, how many articles belong to each thread, the number of messages/characters per day, the average message length, and so on.


Whether to capitalize the name of both the sender and the receiver of each message (default is "--capitalize": yes). This option is useful to collect "AUTHOR" together with "author", "Author", and "AuThor".
Whether to translate "." to "/" in NEWSGROUP (default is "--nodotted": does translate). This option may be useful if your system stores each newsgroup in a dedicate directory (e.g., instead that by hierarchy (e.g., news/useless/group), or if your system has a news archive stored this way.
Set the date statistics start from (DATE format is "dd/mm/yyyy", GMT).
Display the help summary.
Search NEWSGROUP in SPOOLDIR (default is /var/spool/news/articles/).
Set the date statistics end by (DATE format is "dd/mm/yyyy", GMT).
Set the terminal width to WIDTH columns (default is 80, with a minimum of 70).

Options may be conveniently abbreviated and prefixed by ``-'' instead of ``--''; the ``='' may be omitted or substituted with one or more blanks.

Options listed with (*) may be negated by adding the prefix "no" in front of them (e.g., "--dotted" => "--nodotted").


The statnews command returns 0 on success and a positive integer on errors.


The environment variable STATNEWS can hold a set of default options for statnews.

These options are interpreted first by the program and can be overridden by explicit command line parameters. For example:

"STATNEWS="--nocapital --width=132"; export STATNEWS"
"setenv STATNEWS "--nocapital --width=132""


The default spool directory is /var/spool/news/articles/.


There are no known bugs.


This program is copylefted. Refer to the GNU General Public License for conditions of use.


This program has been written and is actively maintained by DavideĀ GiovanniĀ Maria Salvetti <[email protected]>.


This program was originally aimed for use with FidoNet style echo areas under Debian GNU/Linux. It can be successfully used with Usenet newsgroups as well. More precisely, it can be used with every message base that stores one message per file in some directory in traditional mbox format.