std::_Deque_base< _Tp(3) _Alloc >


Inherited by std::deque< _Tp, _Alloc > [protected].

Public Types

typedef _Alloc allocator_type

typedef _Deque_iterator< _Tp, const _Tp &, _Ptr_const > const_iterator

typedef _Deque_iterator< _Tp, _Tp &, _Ptr > iterator

typedef _Alloc_traits::size_type size_type

Public Member Functions

_Deque_base (size_t __num_elements)

_Deque_base (const allocator_type &__a, size_t __num_elements)

_Deque_base (const allocator_type &__a)

_Deque_base (_Deque_base &&__x, false_type)

_Deque_base (_Deque_base &&__x, true_type)

_Deque_base (_Deque_base &&__x)

_Deque_base (_Deque_base &&__x, const allocator_type &__a, size_type __n)

allocator_type get_allocator () const noexcept

Protected Types

enum { _S_initial_map_size }

typedef __gnu_cxx::__alloc_traits< _Tp_alloc_type > _Alloc_traits

typedef __gnu_cxx::__alloc_traits< _Map_alloc_type > _Map_alloc_traits

typedef _Alloc_traits::template rebind< _Ptr >::other _Map_alloc_type

typedef iterator::_Map_pointer _Map_pointer

typedef _Alloc_traits::pointer _Ptr

typedef _Alloc_traits::const_pointer _Ptr_const

typedef __gnu_cxx::__alloc_traits< _Alloc >::template rebind< _Tp >::other _Tp_alloc_type

Protected Member Functions

_Map_pointer _M_allocate_map (size_t __n)

_Ptr _M_allocate_node ()

void _M_create_nodes (_Map_pointer __nstart, _Map_pointer __nfinish)

void _M_deallocate_map (_Map_pointer __p, size_t __n) noexcept

void _M_deallocate_node (_Ptr __p) noexcept

void _M_destroy_nodes (_Map_pointer __nstart, _Map_pointer __nfinish) noexcept

_Map_alloc_type _M_get_map_allocator () const noexcept

_Tp_alloc_type & _M_get_Tp_allocator () noexcept

const _Tp_alloc_type & _M_get_Tp_allocator () const noexcept

void _M_initialize_map (size_t)

Protected Attributes

_Deque_impl _M_impl

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp, typename _Alloc>

class std::_Deque_base< _Tp, _Alloc >" Deque base class. This class provides the unified face for deque's allocation. This class's constructor and destructor allocate and deallocate (but do not initialize) storage. This makes exception safety easier.

Nothing in this class ever constructs or destroys an actual Tp element. (Deque handles that itself.) Only/All memory management is performed here.

Definition at line 458 of file stl_deque.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename _Tp , typename _Alloc > void std::_Deque_base< _Tp, _Alloc >::_M_initialize_map (size_t __num_elements) [protected]

Layout storage.


__num_elements The count of T's for which to allocate space at first.



The initial underlying memory layout is a bit complicated...

Definition at line 681 of file stl_deque.h.

References std::max().


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