std::chrono::duration< _Rep(3) _Period >


Public Types

typedef _Period period

typedef _Rep rep

Public Member Functions

duration (const duration &)=default

template<typename _Rep2 , typename = typename enable_if<is_convertible<_Rep2, rep>::value      && (treat_as_floating_point<rep>::value || !treat_as_floating_point<_Rep2>::value)>::type> constexpr duration (const _Rep2 &__rep)

template<typename _Rep2 , typename _Period2 , typename = typename enable_if<treat_as_floating_point<rep>::value || (ratio_divide<_Period2, period>::den == 1 && !treat_as_floating_point<_Rep2>::value)>::type> constexpr duration (const duration< _Rep2, _Period2 > &__d)

constexpr rep count () const

template<typename _Rep2 = rep> enable_if<!treat_as_floating_point< _Rep2 >::value, duration & >::type operator%= (const rep &__rhs)

template<typename _Rep2 = rep> enable_if<!treat_as_floating_point< _Rep2 >::value, duration & >::type operator%= (const duration &__d)

duration & operator*= (const rep &__rhs)

constexpr duration operator+ () const

duration & operator++ ()

duration operator++ (int)

duration & operator+= (const duration &__d)

constexpr duration operator- () const

duration & operator-- ()

duration operator-- (int)

duration & operator-= (const duration &__d)

duration & operator/= (const rep &__rhs)

duration & operator= (const duration &)=default

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr duration max ()

static constexpr duration min ()

static constexpr duration zero ()

Detailed Description

template<typename _Rep, typename _Period>

struct std::chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period >" duration

Definition at line 64 of file chrono.


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