stetl(1) Stetle commandline utility


stetl -c etl.cfg [-s section_name] [-a arglist] [-h subject datavalue]


stetl is the commandline utility for the Stetl geospatial ETL framework.


-c config_file, --config config_file
Path to Stetl config file
-s section_name, --section section_name
The section in the Stetl config (ini) file to execute (default is [etl])
-a arglist, --args arglist
Arguments or .properties file to be substituted for {argN}s in config file, as -a "arg1=foo arg2=bar" or -a
-d class, --doc class
Get component documentation like its configuration parameters, e.g.

stetl doc stetl.inputs.fileinput.FileInput