runs storeBackup backing up to an nfs mount

SYNOPSIS -c configFile [-s server] [-l logFile] [-d]
[-p pathToStoreBackup] [-k killTime] [-m] mountPoints...


This script does the following:
- checks an nfs server with ping
- mounts that server via a list of mount points
- starts storeBackup (with a config file)
- umounts that server


--server, -s
    name or ip address of the nfs server
    default is localhost
--configFile, -c
    configuration file for storeBackup.
    if option 'logFile' is set in the configration file,
    that log file is read online, if it is different from -l
--logFile, -l
    logFile for this process.
    default is STDOUT.
    you can log into the same logfile as storeBackup
--debug, -d
    generate some debug messages
--pathStbu, -p
    path to
--killTime -k
    time until will be killed.
    default is 365 days.
    the time range has to be specified in format 'dhms', e.g.
    10d4h means 10 days and 4 hours
--keepExistingMounts, -m
    if a mount already exists, do not umount after
    running storeBackup
    List of mount points needed to perform the backup.
    This must be a list of paths which have to be
    defined in /etc/fstab.
    if you add 'ro,' or 'rw,' to the beginning of a mount
    point, you can overwrite that option set in /etc/fstab
       will mount /fileSystemToRead read only, even if the
       corresponding entry in /etc/fstab mounts it read write
    only root is allowed to use this feature!


0 -> everything is ok
1 -> error from storeBackup
2 -> error from storeBackupMount
3 -> error from both programs


Copyright (c) 2004-2008,2012 by Heinz-Josef Claes (see README). Published under the GNU General Public License v3 or any later version