submittodebian(1) submit changes in Debian source tree to Debian




This manual page documents briefly the submittodebian command.

submittodebian was created to help bridge a gap between Debian and Ubuntu, namely by making it trivially easy to submit your changes to a Debian package to the Debian bug tracking system.

It expects to find the .dsc and diff.gz of the current version (which you likely just created) and the previous one in the parent directory. By examining debian/changelog it will extract the information it needs to:

1. Extract the debdiff containing your changes.

2. Open the debdiff in your $EDITOR so that you can remove any Ubuntu specific changes.

3. Extract your changelog entry so that you can create a bug report from it.

4. Start reportbug with the debdiff attached and with the text of the changelog entry.


submittodebian and this man page were written by Soren Hansen <[email protected]>.

Both are released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.