tbf2lps(1) convert a muCRL LPE to an mCRL2 LPS


tbf2lps [OPTION]... [INFILE [OUTFILE]]


Read mCRL LPS from INFILE, convert it to a mCRL2 LPS and save the result to OUTFILE. If OUTFILE is not present, stdout is used. If INFILE is not present, stdin is used. To use stdin and save the output to a file, use '-' for INFILE.

This conversion assumes that Bool is the boolean sort with constructors T and F. Additionally, the following conversions on the data specification will be applied:
  constructors T, F: -> Bool are replaced by true and false,
  mapping and: Bool # Bool -> Bool is replaced by ||, and
  mapping eq: S # S -> Bool is replaced by == for each sort S


OPTION can be any of the following:
outputs information about the visual representation of this option in the mCRL2 GUI
-n, --no-conv-map
do not apply conversion of mappings and equations
Standard options:
-q, --quiet
do not display warning messages
-v, --verbose
display short intermediate messages
-d, --debug
display detailed intermediate messages
-h, --help
display help information
display version information


Written by Muck van Weerdenburg.


Report bugs at <http://www.mcrl2.org/issuetracker>.


Copyright © 2010 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the Boost Software License <http://www.boost.org/LICENSE_1_0.txt>. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.