subp2pgm(1) convert VobSub DVD subtitles into pgm files and xml description


subp2pgm [-hvf] [-o output] [-s sid] vobsub


subp2pgm converts DVD subtitles from the VobSub format into an intermediate form suitable for OCR extraction.

subp2pgm takes two files as input, which should be named <vobsub>.idx and <vobsub>.sub, where vobsub is the basename of the files.

subp2pgm outputs one .pgm graphics file for each subtitle image, and a .xml description file with correct timing annotation, where each subtitle entry is replaced by the corresponding graphics file.

After OCR conversion, such a file can be transformed into a proper srt file by subptools(1). The options are as follows:

-h, --help
Display usage and quit.
-v, --verbose
Increase verbosity level.
-f, --forced
Extract forced subtitles only.
-n, --normalize
Normalize the palette.
-o, --output output
Basename for all pgm output files and the xml description.
-s, --sid sid
Selects subtitle id from a vobsub file with several subtitle streams. Defaults to 0.


Manual page by Marc Espie, Olivier Rolland