sudoku_generator(1) generate and solve Sudoku puzzles


sudoku_generator [-n|--non-sym] [-d|--dump] [givens_count]
sudoku_generator -s|--solve|-p|--print sudoku_dump


sudoku_generator generates, solves and prints Number Place puzzles, so called Sudokus. A Sudoku puzzle consists of 9 x 9 cells subdivided into 9 regions with 3 x 3 cells. The rules are simple. There have to be the numbers from 1 to 9 in every row, column and region.

Number of givens (<= 81). Default is 36. Generation of Sudoku puzzles with less than 26 givens takes very long.
String with 81 * 1-9 or _ (+ ignored).


-n, --non-sym
Generate a non-symmetric Sudoku puzzle. Default is symmetric.
-d, --dump
Dump the generated Sudoku puzzle (don't print).
-s, --solve sudoku_dump
Solve a Sudoku puzzle.
-p, --print sudoku_dump
Print a Sudoku puzzle.
-v, --version
Print version information and exit.
-h, --help
Print help message and exit.


Copyright © 2005-2010, Thomas Günther <[email protected]>
This GPL program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; this is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the source for details.