sumpix(1) AME


sumpix [,-dmrsv/][,-n num/] ,x_range y_range /...


Sum row, column, or region of a FITS or IRAF image
-c x y r: Compute total counts in circle r from (x,y)
-d: Compute and print standard deviation
-e: Compute and print median
-h: Print column headers for output values
-i: Print row or column number if other is 0
-l: Compute and print min and max values
-m: Compute and print mean
-n: Number of decimal places in output
-p: Print file name at start of line
-r: Compute and print variance (sum of squares)
-s: Compute and print sum (default)
-t: Separate output values with tabs and add column headers
-v: Verbose
a range of 0 implies the full dimension an absence of ranges uses the entire image