sup-recover-sources(1) rebuild a lost Sup source configuration file


sup-recover-sources [options] [source uri...]


Rebuilds a lost sources.yaml file by reading messages from a list of sources and determining, for each source, the most prevalent 'source_id' field of messages from that source in the index.

The only non-deterministic component to this is that if the same message appears in multiple sources, those sources may be mis-diagnosed by this program.

If the first N messages (--scan-num below) all have the same source_id in the index, the source will be added to sources.yaml. Otherwise, the distribution will be printed, and you will have to add it by hand.

The offset pointer into the sources will be set to the end of the source, so you will have to run sup-import --rebuild for each new source after doing this.


Mark sources as 'unusual'. Only usual sources will be polled by hand (default: false)
Mark sources as 'archive'. New messages from these sources will not appear in the inbox (default: false)
--scan-num N
Number of messages to scan per source (default: 10)
-h, --help
Show help message


Configuration file for Sup mail sources


You are welcome to submit bug reports to the Sup issue tracker, located at



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