SWF::Sound(3) SWF Sound class


use SWF::Sound;
$sound = new SWF::Sound("test.mp3");
# also via SWF::SoundStream:
$sstr = new SWF::SoundStream("test.mp3");
$sound = new SWF::Sound($sstr);


SWF::Sound is a helper class useful for making noise of every kind...


$sound = new SWF::Sound($filename, [$flags])
$sound = new SWF::Sound($soundstream)
Both types of constructor method are creating a Sound object. The first one uses a filename (e.g. of mp3 file), the second one is operating on an already created SWF::SoundStream object. The first constructor type also accepts flags for file description, SWF_SOUND_MP3_COMPRESSED is one of them. More flags are part of SWF::Constant class. The created object can be used for example as parameter in SWF::Movie's startSound() method.


        developers of ming.sourceforge.net, Albrecht Kleine