sxvol-modify(1) modify existing volumes


sxvol modify <,OPTIONS/> ,sx:///[,profile@/],cluster/volume/


Modify configuration of an existing volume. Some settings, such as the volume size or owner, can only be changed by cluster administrators.


-h, --help
Print help and exit
Print help, including hidden options, and exit
-V, --version
Print version and exit
-o, --owner=,NAME/
Set a new owner of the volume. The old owner will be automatically removed from the volume ACL (it can be granted access again using sxacl(1)) and the new owner will be granted read, write and manager access.
-s, --size=,SIZE/
Set a new size of the volume. If the new size is lower than the current space usage of the volume, it will not be possible to store any new data until enough data gets removed to satisfy the limit. The size can be followed by one of the following suffixes: K(-ilobytes), M(-megabytes), G(-igabytes) and T(-erabytes) suffixes.
Set a new limit for the number of file revisions kept int the volume. If the new limit is lower than a previous one, the oldest file revisions, which exceed it will be deleted. See sxrev(1) for more information about revisions.
Reset custom metadata of the volume. This option should only be used when reconfiguring a filter-enabled volume.
This option resets the local configuration of the volume stored in the SX configuration directory (by default ~/.sx).
-D, --debug
Enable debug messages
-c, --config-dir=,PATH/
Path to the SX configuration directory (default: ~/.sx)


To make 'bob' the new owner of the volume previously owned by 'joe' run:
sxvol modify -o bob sx://admin@cluster/volume

To change the size of the volume 'data' to 5 gigabytes run:
sxvol modify -s 5G sx://admin@cluster/data