TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job(3) A single testing job.


Version 3.35


use TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job;


Represents a single test 'job'.


Class Methods


    my $job = TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job->new(
        $filename, $description

Given the filename and description of a test as scalars, returns a new TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job object.

Instance Methods



Register a closure to be called when this job is destroyed. The callback will be passed the "TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job" object as it's only argument.



Called when a job is complete to unlock it. If a callback has been registered with "on_finish", it calls it. Otherwise, it does nothing.



These are all ``getters'' which return the data set for these attributes during object construction.





For backwards compatibility in callbacks.



Returns false indicating that this is a real job rather than a 'spinner'. Spinners are returned when the scheduler still has pending jobs but can't (because of locking) return one right now.