Taquin(6) A sliding puzzle game for GNOME.


gnome-taquin [OPTION...]


Taquin is a computer version of the 15-puzzle and other sliding puzzles.
The object of Taquin is to move tiles so that they reach their places,
either indicated with numbers, or with parts of a great image.


-h, --help
Prints the command line options and exits.


Sets the puzzle game launched.
The option --fifteen is for a classical 15-Puzzle, whereas the --sixteen option is for a more contemporary puzzle.
You should only use one of these options at the same time.
-s, --size=<size>
Sets the puzzle edges' size.
The game is intended to be played in size 3 to 5.
It accepts value from 2 to 9; 2 is for debug only, whereas 6 or more sizes are just not verified working.


Turn off/on the sound.
If the two options are given, the game is muted.
-v, --version
Prints the program version and exits.

This program also accepts the standard GTK+ options.


Taquin was written by Arnaud Bonatti.

This manual page was written by Arnaud Bonatti <[email protected]>, for the GNOME project.