TAU_GET_EVENT_VALS(3) Gets user event data for given user events.



TAU_GET_EVENT_VALS(const char **inUserEvents, int numUserEvents, int **numEvents, double **max, double **min, double **mean, double **sumSqe);


Retrieves user defined event data for the specified user defined events. The list of events are specified by the first parameter (eventList) and the user specifies the number of events in the second parameter (numUserEvents). TAU returns the number of times the event was invoked in the numUserEvents. The max, min, mean values are returned in the following parameters. TAU computes the sum of squares of the given event and returns this value in the next argument (sumSqe).


C/C++ :

  const char **eventList;
  int numEvents;
  TAU_GET_EVENT_NAMES(eventList, numEvents);
  cout << "numEvents: " << numEvents << endl;
  if (numEvents > 0) {
    int *numSamples;
    double *max;
    double *min;
    double *mean;
    double *sumSqr;
    TAU_GET_EVENT_VALS(eventList, numEvents, numSamples, 
      max, min, mean, sumSqr);
    for (int i=0; i<numEvents; i++) {
      cout << "-------------------\n";
      cout << "User Event:        " << eventList[i] << endl;
      cout << "Number of Samples: " << numSamples[i] << endl;
      cout << "Maximum Value:     " << max[i] << endl;
      cout << "Minimum Value:     " << min[i] << endl;
      cout << "Mean Value:        " << mean[i] << endl;
      cout << "Sum Squared:       " << sumSqr[i] << endl;