tcl2c++(1) converts tcl scripts into a C++ static character array


tcl2c++ name [file ...]


tcl2c++ convert the script into an EmbeddedTcl object.

The lines below expand ns-lib.tcl and create the EmbeddedTcl object instance called et_ns_lib:

        tclsh bin/tcl-expand.tcl tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl | \

                ../Tcl/tcl2c++ et_ns_lib > gen/
                 The script, ~ns/bin/tcl-expand.tcl expands ns-lib.tcl by replacing all source lines with the corresponding source files.

The program, ~tclcl/tcl2cc.c, converts the OTcl code into an equivalent EmbeddedTcl object, et_ns_lib.

During initialization, invoking the method EmbeddedTcl::load explicitly evaluates the array.
  — ~tclcl/tcl-object.tcl is evaluated by the method Tcl::init(void); 
    Tcl_AppInit() invokes Tcl::Init(). The exact command syntax for the
    load is:
  — Similarly, ~ns/tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl is evaluated directly by 
    Tcl_AppInit in ~ns/


YunQiang Su <[email protected]>