testCodebase(1) Test WebGUI's code base.


testCodebase --configFile /etc/webgui/config.conf
[--perlBase path]
testCodebase --help


This WebGUI utility script tests all of WebGUI's installed code base using a particular confiuration file. It uses prove to run all the WebGUI supplied test routines, located in the t subdirectory of the WebGUI root.

You should NOT use a production config file for testing, since some of the test may be destructive.

--configFile /etc/webgui/config.conf
A WebGUI config file is required for testing. If one cannot be found based on input from the user, then the script aborts without running any tests.

Config files can be supplied on the command line, or via the environment variable, WEBGUI_CONFIG being used as a fallback. If the config file cannot be found, the script assumes that a bare filename was provided and it will look in /etc/webgui for the config file.

Be aware that some of the tests are destructive, and running tests on production sites is not recommended.

Turns on additional Devel::Cover based coverage tests. Note that this can take a long time to run.
Prevent long tests from being run
--perlBase path
Specify a path to an alternative Perl installation you wish to use for the tests. If left unspecified, it defaults to the Perl installation in the current PATH.
Turns on additional information during tests.
Shows this documentation, then exits.


Copyright 2001-2009 Plain Black Corporation.