tdbc(3) Tcl Database Connectivity


package require tdbc 1.0
package require tdbc::driver version
tdbc::driver::connection create db ?-option value...?


Tcl Database Connectivity (TDBC) is a common interface for Tcl programs to access SQL databases. It is implemented by a series of database drivers: separate modules, each of which adapts Tcl to the interface of one particular database system. All of the drivers implement a common series of commands for manipulating the database. These commands are all named dynamically, since they all represent objects in the database system. They include connections, which represent connections to a database; statements, which represent SQL statements, and result sets, which represent the sets of rows that result from executing statements. All of these have manual pages of their own, listed under SEE ALSO.

In addition, TDBC itself has a few service procedures that are chiefly of interest to driver writers. SEE ALSO also enumerates them.


TDBC, SQL, database, connectivity, connection, resultset, statement


Copyright (c) 2008 by Kevin B. Kenny.