templatespp(1) preprocessor based on templates parser


templatespp [-o file] file


templatespp is a pre-processor based on the template parser. It is generally used from scripts to process files and generate other files. One of the possible uses, for instance, is to write the CSS (style-sheet) of a web site as a template file (for instance `mycss.tcss'), and use template parser structures in there. This is a good way to share colors for instance, or to name constants, as is often done in Ada code.

Here is a small example of such a CSS:

     @@SET@@ COLOR1=blue
     @@SET@@ COLOR2=red
     @@SET@@ LENGTH1=10

     body {background:@_COLOR1_@}
     div  {background:@_COLOR2_@}
     ul.class {background:@_COLOR1_@}  /* same color as body */

     ul   {width:@_ADD(3):LENGTH1_@px} /* ul 3 pixels wider than li */
     li   {width:@_LENGTH1_@px}

Such a file would be processed with the following command line:

     templatespp -o mycss.css mycss.tcss


Display a summary of options.

-o file
Write the output to file.


templatespp was written by Pascal Obry <[email protected]> as part of the Ada Web Server.

This manual page was written by Ludovic Brenta <[email protected]> for Debian GNU/Linux.