xpl2gpl(1) Convert tcptrace-style xplot input to gnuplot input.


xpl2gpl [-s] <file_name>


xpl2gpl is a utility that converters tcptrace-style xplot input to gnuplot input. This converter gives a nearly perfect gnuplot reproduction of the corresponding xplot graph.


Seperate files. If you wish to plot only some data from the xpl file, you may use the -s option, which generates a bunch of data-files filtered based on the color and plotting style.


xpl2gpl foo.xpl

This would produce files by the names "foo.gpl", "foo.datasets" and "foo.labels". Load the file "file_name.gpl" in gnuplot and it should give you the plot.


xpl2gpl is provided for convenience, as gnuplot is more commonly installed than the xplot package that tcptrace typically expects, and because xplot has not always been available in Debian. If possible, you should consider installing the xplot-xplot.org package and using it instead of using xpl2gpl.


Avinash Lakhiani (no known email address)

This manual page was written by Noah Meyerhans <[email protected]> for the Debian project and may be used freely and without restriction by others.