Test::CheckChanges(3) Check that the Changes file matches the distribution.


Version 0.14


use Test::CheckChanges;

You can make the test optional with

 use Test::More;
 eval { require Test::CheckChanges };
 if ([email protected]) {
     plan skip_all => 'Test::CheckChanges required for testing the Changes file';


This module checks that you Changes file has an entry for the current version of the Module being tested.

The version information for the distribution being tested is taken out of the Build data, or if that is not found, out of the Makefile.

It then attempts to open, in order, a file with the name Changes or CHANGES.

The Changes file is then parsed for version numbers. If one and only one of the version numbers matches the test passes. Otherwise the test fails.

A message with the current version is printed if the test passes, otherwise dialog messages are printed to help explain the failure.

The examples directory contains examples of the different formats of Changes files that are recognized.


All functions listed below are exported to the calling namespace.

ok_changes( )

The ok_changes method takes no arguments and returns no value.


Currently this package parses 4 different types of "Changes" files. The first is the common, free style, "Changes" file where the version is first item on an unindented line:

 0.01  Fri May  2 15:56:25 EDT 2008
       - more info

The second type of file parsed is the Module::Changes::YAML format changes file.

The third type of file parsed has the version number proceeded by an * (asterisk).

 Revision history for Perl extension Foo::Bar
 * 1.00
 Is this a bug or a feature

The fourth type of file parsed starts the line with the word Version followed by the version number.

 Version 6.00  17.02.2008
  + Oops. Fixed version number. '5.10' is less than '5.9'. I thought
    CPAN would handle this but apparently not..

There are examples of these Changes file in the examples directory.

Create an RT if you need a different format file supported. If it is not horrid, I will add it.

The Debian style "Changes" file will likely be the first new format added.


Please open an RT if you find a bug.



``G. Allen Morris III'' <[email protected]>


Copyright (C) 2008-2010 G. Allen Morris III, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.