Test::MooseX::Daemonize(3) Tool to help test MooseX::Daemonize applications


version 0.21


use File::Spec::Functions;
use File::Temp qw(tempdir);
my $dir = tempdir( CLEANUP => 1 );
## Try to make sure we are in the test directory
my $file = catfile( $dir, "im_alive" );
my $daemon = FileMaker->new( pidbase => $dir, filename => $file );
daemonize_ok( $daemon, 'child forked okay' );
ok( -e $file, "$file exists" );


This module provides some basic Test::Builder-compatible test methods to use when writing tests for your MooseX::Daemonize-based modules.


daemonize_ok ( $daemon, ?$msg )
This will attempt to daemonize your $daemon returning ok on success and not ok on failure.
check_test_output ( $daemon )
This is expected to be used with a $daemon which does the Test::MooseX::Daemonize::Testable role (included in this package --- see the source for more info). It will collect the test output from your daemon and apply it in the parent process by mucking around with Test::Builder stuff, again, read the source for more info. If we get time we will document this more thoroughly.


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This software is copyright (c) 2007 by Chris Prather.

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