testrb1.9.1(1) Automatic runnter for Test::Unit of Ruby


testrb1.9.1 [options] [-- untouched arguments] test ...


testrb1.9.1 loads and runs unit-tests. If test is directory name, testrb1.9.1 testrb1.9.1 traverses the directory.


-r, --runner=RUNNER Use the given RUNNER. (t[k], c[onsole], g[tk], f[ox])
-a, --add=TORUN Add TORUN to the list of things to run; can be a file or a directory.
-p, --pattern=PATTERN Match files to collect against PATTERN. (default pattern is /\Atest_.*\.rb\Z/.)
-n, --name=NAME Runs tests matching NAME. (patterns may be used.)
-t, --testcase=TESTCASE Runs tests in TestCases matching TESTCASE. (patterns may be used.)
-v, --verbose=[LEVEL] Set the output level (default is verbose). (p[rogress], n[ormal], v[erbose], s[ilent])
-- Stop processing options so that the remaining options will be passed to the test.
-h, --help Display help.


This manpage was contributed by akira yamada <[email protected]>