testu01-tcode(1) a very rudimentary literate-programming tool


testu01-tcode <FileIn> <FileOut>


Program testu01-tcode makes compilable code from a [La]TeX document. It creates a file FOut for a compiler like a C compiler starting from a file FIn. The names of these two files must be given by the user, with appropriate extension, when calling the program.

Basically only text included between the \code and \endcode delimiters will appear in the output file FOut, everything between them being compiler legal code except for a small set of [La]TeX commands.

This manual page is not meant to be exhaustive. The complete documentation for testu01-tcode can be found under the section tcode in the guidemylib guide as distributed within the testu01-doc Debian package.


distributed within the testu01-doc Debian package.


Pierre L’Ecuyer and Richard Simard developed testu01-tcode as tool for implementing and documenting the TestU01 C library;
TestU01 site: <http://www-labs.iro.umontreal.ca/~simardr/testu01/tu01.html>.
This manual page was written for Debian by Jerome Benoit <[email protected]> on behalf of the Debian Science Team.