texelFetchOffset(3) perform a lookup of a single texel within a texture with an offset


gvec4 texelFetchOffset(gsampler1D sampler, int P, int lod, int offset);
gvec4 texelFetchOffset(gsampler2D sampler, ivec2 P, int lod, int offset);
gvec4 texelFetchOffset(gsampler3D sampler, ivec3 P, int lod, int offset);
gvec4 texelFetchOffset(gsampler2DRect sampler, ivec2 P, int offset);
gvec4 texelFetchOffset(gsampler1DArray sampler, ivec2 P, int lod, int offset);
gvec4 texelFetchOffset(gsampler2DArray sampler, ivec3 P, int lod, int offset);



Specifies the sampler to which the texture from which texels will be retrieved is bound.


Specifies the texture coordinates at which texture will be sampled.


If present, specifies the level-of-detail within the texture from which the texel will be fetched.


Specifies offset, in texels that will be applied to P before looking up the texel.


texelFetchOffset performs a lookup of a single texel from texture coordinate P in the texture bound to sampler. Before fetching the texel, the offset specified in offset is added to P. offset must be a constant expression. The array layer is specified in the last component of P for array forms. The lod parameter (if present) specifies the level-of-detail from which the texel will be fetched. The sample parameter specifies which sample within the texel will be returned when reading from a multi-sample texure.


OpenGL Shading Language Version
Function Name 1.10 1.20 1.30 1.40 1.50 3.30 4.00 4.10 4.20 4.30 4.40 4.50
texelFetchOffset - -
texelFetchOffset (gsampler2DRect) - - -
texelFetchOffset (gsampler2DMS, gsampler2DMSArray) - - - -


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