lnptest(1) LNP Client Test Application




lnptest is an LNP Daemon test client used to test the connection between lnptest and the LNP daemon through the Ir Tower to a corresponding test program running in an RCX. See the FILES section for the location of the RCX test program source code (distributed with this package).


lnptest does not support command-line options.


To run the test:
- compile the lnptest.c RCX program
- start the lnpd daemon
- download the lnptest.lx program to the RCX
- (at the RCX) run the program just downloaded to the RCX
- run this lnptest program
- inspect the output looking for lack of failure messages


In this directory is the source to the RCX-side program which is called lnptest.c but written to be compiled against BrickOS.


lnptest was written by Martin Cornelius <[email protected]> This man page was written by Stephen Moraco <[email protected]>