tilestache-server(1) seed a single layer in your TileStache configuration


tilestache-server [options]


This manual page documents briefly the tilestache-server command.

tilestache-server serves tiles through Werkzeug, using a tilestache configuration file.


-c, --config file
Path to configuration file. Defaults to tilestache.cfg.
-i, --ip address
IP address to listen to. Defaults to
-p, --port port
Port number to listen to. Defaults to 8080.
--include-path paths
Add the following colon-separated list of paths to Python's include path (aka sys.path).
-h, --help
Show summary of options.


TileStache was written by Michal Migurski <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by David Paleino <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).