tiobench(1) Threaded I/O bench


tiobench [--help] [--nofrag] [--size SizeInMB [--size ...]] [--numruns NumberOfRuns [--numruns ...]] [--dir TestDir [--dir ...]] [--block BlkSizeInBytes [--block ...]] [--random NumberRandOpsPerThread [--random ...]] [--threads NumberOfThreads [--threads ...]]


tiobench is a perl wrapper to tiotest calling it multiple times with varying sets of parameters as instructed.


Display a brief help and exit.

Instructs tiobench to pass -W to tiotest so it waits for previous threads to finish before starting a new one in the writing phase. For more info see the -W option in the tiotest(1) manpage.

--size SizeInMB
The total size in MBytes of the files may use together. If this option is not given, tiobench tries to be smart and figure out a size making sense.

--numruns NumberOfRuns
This number specifies over how many runs each test should be averaged. Defaults to 1.

--dir TestDir
The directory in which to test. Defaults to ., the current directory.

--block BlkSizeInBytes
The blocksize in Bytes to use. Defaults to 4096.

--random NumberRandOpsPerThread
Random I/O operations per thread. Defaults to 1000.

--threads NumberOfThreads
The number of concurrent test threads. Defaults to 4.

The options --size, --numruns, --dir, --block, --random, and --threads may be given multiple times to cover multiple cases, for instance: tiobench --block 4096 --block 8192 will first run through with a 4KB block size and then again with a 8KB block size.

To get usefull results the used file sizes should be a lot larger than the physical amount of memory you have. A good idea is to boot with 16 Megs of RAM (Try passing the "mem=16M" option to the kernel to limit Linux to using a very small amount of memory) and into Single User mode only.


tiobench was written by James Manning <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Peter Palfrader <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).