tld_check_4z(3) API function


#include <tld.h>

int tld_check_4z(const uint32_t * in, size_t * errpos, const Tld_table ** overrides);


const uint32_t * in
Zero-terminated array of unicode code points to process.
size_t * errpos
Position of offending character is returned here.
const Tld_table ** overrides
A Tld_table array of additional domain restriction structures that complement and supersede the built-in information.


Test each of the code points in in for whether or not they are allowed by the information in overrides or by the built-in TLD restriction data. When data for the same TLD is available both internally and in overrides , the information in overrides takes precedence. If several entries for a specific TLD are found, the first one is used. If overrides is NULL, only the built-in information is used. The position of the first offending character is returned in errpos .

Return value: Returns the Tld_rc value TLD_SUCCESS if all code points are valid or when tld is null, TLD_INVALID if a character is not allowed, or additional error codes on general failure conditions.


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Copyright © 2002-2015 Simon Josefsson.
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