tlp::GlComplexeEntity(3) GlMetaNode and GlEdge.

Other Alias

Virtual class used by GlNode


#include <GlComplexeEntity.h>

Inherits tlp::GlEntity.

Public Member Functions

virtual BoundingBox getBoundingBox (GlGraphInputData *data)=0

virtual void draw (float lod, GlGraphInputData *data, Camera *camera)=0

virtual void drawLabel (bool drawSelect, OcclusionTest *test, TextRenderer *renderer, GlGraphInputData *data)=0

Detailed Description

Virtual class used by GlNode, GlMetaNode and GlEdge.

This class is a virtual class used by GlNode, GlMetaNode and GlEdge Define draw function for entities who need GlGraphInputData variable Define drawLabel function

Member Function Documentation

virtual void tlp::GlComplexeEntity::draw (float lod, GlGraphInputData * data, Camera * camera) [pure virtual]Draw this entity with GlGraphInputData and Camera

virtual void tlp::GlComplexeEntity::drawLabel (bool drawSelect, OcclusionTest * test, TextRenderer * renderer, GlGraphInputData * data) [pure virtual]Draw label of this entity

virtual BoundingBox tlp::GlComplexeEntity::getBoundingBox (GlGraphInputData * data) [pure virtual]return the bounding box of this entity


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